Shelter [Build 37] By Raus

Shelter [Build 37] By Raus

Raus Games released a new game called Shelter and the version is Build 37. The game’s story is about It’s a furry visual novel about a bunch of those medieval fantasy dogs and a human who made their home at a mysterious, gigantic metal structure filled with futuristic technology in the middle of fantasy Siberia. The game takes place during the preparations for their version of fireworks night, by using a life-force fueled turret of mass destruction. I swear it makes sense in context!​

Developer: Raus
File Size: 441 MB
Version: Build 37
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Build 37

  • New content includes:
  • 15k words of new script
  • two new music pieces
  • new CG with multiple variants

Game Images & Screenshots


Shelter [Build 37] By Raus

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