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Game Storyline

Ethan, the main character of Sinstory, has been grappling with the absence of his father for over a month. The situation takes a dramatic turn when Ethan overhears a phone conversation between his mother and father, where his mother reveals the shocking truth that Ethan is not her biological son.

Now 18 years old, Ethan must find a job, purchase businesses, develop skills, manage the household, meet neighbors, and take care of his lonely mother. Along the way, players will encounter unique mechanics crafted by xtreamanim, offering an unprecedented gaming experience.

Version Changelog


  • Added time management script for girls availability
  • Added a new furniture to the bdsm club (the bdsm X-cross)
  • 1 new working place at the brothel
  • 2 clients animations at the bdsm club
  • 1 new animated scene at Ethan’s office
  • Added firing option for the brothel staff
  • Added sfx to some brothel scenes
  • Implemented salary raise script

Game Images

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