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SizeMage Games released a new game called Sizeplay and the version is 03.2024.1. The game’s story is about You play as a random guy trying to have fun. There is no story yet, but in future this will be open world game with a story. The game is reliant on minigames and there is no annoying “attack” spam.​

Developer: SizeMage
File Size: 3.55 GB
Version: 03.2024.1
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

This update brings a whooping 302 new images and 9 new events.
General changes:

  • New addition has been added to the game to bring more “life” to it. At the moment only club has it. – NPC’s will now speak to each other when walking inside the club.
  • New type of QTE has been added. (First minigame of Nox’s mistress route will allow you to practice the sweetspot without any penalty).

Area changes:

  • Club – Activated NPC’s in the toilet that were previously disabled due to me forgetting to activate them. They will have speech “bubbles” as well.

Amelia and Yuki –

  • Amelia gained new event that’s played from her corrupted route. It’s a duo event with Yuki.

Depending on who finds you, event will end in such way. It will have additional scene in future update.

Nox –

  • Three new mistress events have been added.
  • Alternative outfit will work for these events.

Ryoko –

  • Gained a new daily CV route. You start this event inside of her… home, during different times of day. You can also now choose where to enter inside of her during the night.

Annabelle and Aria –

  • Slightly changed code so they don’t implode anymore (Annabelle) and to try and prevent black screens (Aria).

Developer Notes:

The way I share game is, for example when I released V2, 2 weeks after that I share older version. So my game is free after some time.

Game Images & Screenshots


Extras: Walkthrough by Inayushaxears

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