Small on Top [v0.63] Spedumon

Game Storyline

Small on Top is an erotic furry bara RPG with character driven events and narrative. It follows the Adventurer as he explores the world and meets many different characters, some who would love or insist on joining on your journey. As name says, role reversal. Bigger guys as the bottoms while you as the top.​

Version Changelog



  • A new event with Fucko that has 5 new pics.
  • Poster for the event.


  • Knock-Out! Animation skill.
  • Saphura’s Guard ACT skills use old sprite works for the animations.
  • Octorn’s Drag Underwater animation skill.
  • Octorn animation for Squeeze skill. Uses the tentacle sprite.
  • Bubble animation for the Underwater State.
  • Helping Hand animation.
  • Steam Scepter attack animation.
  • Struggle Shot animation (combines another shot animation with this).
  • Health Flask item consume animation.
  • Lithra attack animation.
  • Change attack animation uses old sprites.

Game Images

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Extra: Walkthrough

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