Son of Asia [v60.0] By SonOfAll

SonOfAll Games released a new game called Son of Asia and the version is 60.0. The game’s story is about Son of Asia is an Asian real porn game built around the themes of Son of a Bitch by Avenger. It is not a modification, it is a completely new game. The protagonist is a young man whose father is in a coma and now has to take on the responsibility of running his company and supporting his family. In his journey, he will encounter business, political, and even supernatural strife as he attempts to wrestle control of his legacy from the dark forces surrounding him.​

Developer: SonOfAll
File Size: 675.9 MB
Version: 60.0
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


<Final hole filling>
1. Jinguji Nao (wife) → The laughter in the park will be triggered later at 8 a.m.
2. Empty rooms on the second floor of the talent apartment → fill them all
3. Shinoda Ayumi (Yakuza Widow)’s Revenge 3 → Dealing with Ma Dongmu
4. When the favorability reaches the crown; when the depravity reaches the rocket, a memory fragment will appear in the character illustration.
5. Mild horror elements
*BUG fixed: A white screen will appear when exiting the vault.

Developer Notes:

This wasn’t quite a standard MTL and was a bit of a saga due to the Chinese to English issues and the frankly massive amount of content and choice available in this game. It will still likely contain errors, perhaps some game breaking but they’re going to be at end game many hours in or using non-standard approaches and I’ll fix them up if they’re reported. There’s tens of hours of content involving numerous paths and around 13,000 videos available. I can probably answer any gameplay questions too as some of the quest complete conditions are a little vague due to the translations. The translation is very rocky in places but we can improve this over time and the focus was more on getting a useable English copy available. Almost all NTR seems skippable, however some femdom isn’t in order to progress.

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