Special Operations Unit – SIGNAL FORCES [Final Steam] By ankoku marimokan

ankoku marimokan Games released a new game called Special Operations Unit – SIGNAL FORCES and the version is Final Steam. The game’s story is about The year is 20XX. Public peace and order is deteriorating rapidly due to the rise of a gang of evil, modified criminals known as the GangDead. To combat this, the government and local authorities secretly created SIGNAL, a special mobile anti-crime task force. This is the story of SIGNAL and their fight against the ever-encroaching evil of the GangDead.

Developer: ankoku marimokan
File Size:
Version: Final Steam
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

  • [Features 1]
    Heroine squadron task force defeat/violation RPG.
    Control 3 unique heroines to defeat a modification crime syndicate
    in a party-battle RPG.
    Take routes with minimal damage in a simple 1 screen map
    to reach the boss.
  • [Features 2]
    Mid-battle changing pose-art violation battle
    Equipment is destroyed, characters become naked,
    and H animation can start mid-battle.
    Help save her with the other team members.
  • [Features 3]
    Rescue mission begins to save team-members after total defeat
    Fighting alone is too much of a disadvantage,
    so quickly go rescue your team!
    Use radio to check on your team’s status (violation H scene)
  • [After game completion]
    With bonus save data included,
    you can view all H scenes from the start.
    Free battle mode implemented. Mix-and-match your battles freely
  • [H content]
    Gangbang / Big d*ck f*ck / Machine
    Public humiliation / Preg-belly / Birth / Crucifixion / Brain washing
    Gut punch / Naked dogeza / Milking / Modification
  • CG Count: 26 base, 470 total including variations
    Battle R*pe animations: 12 types
    CG Gallery Mode, Reminiscence Mode, H animation playback mode

Game Images & Screenshots

Steam Version


Older Versions

Patch Only: Github

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