Stellar Crossroads [v0.50] By Xavster Gaming

Xavster Games released a new game called Stellar Crossroads and the version is 0.50. The game’s story is about Some 150 years after the Hive war, you play the role of a former miner, thrust into the limelight following the inheritance of a space station. Shape the course of future events in the Orion Sector as rival factions seek to exert control.​

Developer: Xavster
File Size: 2.31 GB
Version: 0.50
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Not available.


  • Completion of refinery system
  • Procurement and contract system
  • Lyra story arc
  • Orion Council arc
  • Vultari incursion


Developer Notes:

A couple of additional tags are included that do not occur in v0.10, to provide an indication of development path. Additional tags will be added as they become fixed in the development plan. There is a know issue with sound on the Android version when connecting / disconnecting headphones. Problem is resolved by restarting game.

Game Images & Screenshots


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