Stolen Newlywed Monica ~Tsundere Wife’s Titillating~ [v1.09 + DLC] By Acerola

Acerola Games released a new game called Stolen Newlywed Monica ~Tsundere Wife’s Titillating~ and the version is 1.09 + DLC. The game’s story is about Kyle and his party were on a journey to exterminate the demon king as a party of four.Kyle He’s a little timid and indecisive, but in an emergency he’s the only guy in the party you can rely on. ・Monica *The main character of this work She is Kyle’s childhood friend and a very kind girl who has a strong desire to win but cares about others. ·Sofia A kind and gentle lady who pampers Kyle a lot. ・Milli A sleepy, staring girl with big breasts who likes Kyle but only treats her like his younger sister.

The four of them were traveling with the purpose of subjugating the Demon King, but during their journey, they received a report that a hero had defeated the Demon King, and although they were angry and wondered, “What was our trip like?”, they went peacefully. I decided that it would be a good thing to become one, so I gave up on the trip midway through. At night, Kyle confesses to Monica that he can’t believe that the demon lord was defeated, but that he is now at peace. Give the ring. Monica cries with joy. Of course the answer was ok, the wedding seems to be a long way off, but now we can become husband and wife.

ven though he is bothered by other friends, he receives blessings. I received information that there is a relatively large town nearby. The five decide to settle here because it’s lively and there are guilds that hire adventurers. This city has a large number of immigrants from outside, and is currently in the process of selecting permanent residents. In order to live in this city, you must either pay 1 million G per person as a migration fee, or have a guild rank of B or higher. Kyle and his friends get an inn, and everyone has to work hard to earn money in order to become residents. Various men try various things on Monica, who works and does quests in order to become a resident. Will Monica be able to maintain her purity and become a resident of the city?

Developer: Acerola
File Size: 2.71 GB
Version: 1.09 + DLC
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

  • [Game Flow]
    Monica currently lives in an inn with her friends.
    Since each of them works separately and earns money, Monica also ends up working from “noon until evening.”
  • There are various ways to spend your time, such as gathering information for a part-time job, registering with a guild, and exterminating monsters, or if you run out of stamina, you can rest at home for the day.
    Monica has physical strength, and the part-time jobs she can do are limited depending on her current physical strength.
    (If you run out of energy, you will take a day off)
    Please be careful about your physical strength when choosing your actions.
    *As the guilt goes away, you will be able to do more naughty part-time jobs.
  • [System]
    ·part-time job
    There are a wide variety of jobs, and each one has its own physical energy consumption.
    Use your energy to earn money.
    The more physical work you do, the more money you can earn.
  • ·day of week
    From Monday to Sunday, there is a sense of the days of the week, just like in reality.
    Depending on the day of the week, there are places where you can work part-time and places where you cannot.
    Saturdays and Sundays are public holidays, so if you have enough physical strength, you can work two parts: day and night.
  • Physical strength
    Use this number to get a part-time job.
    Part-time jobs require a certain amount of stamina, and if you expend more stamina doing part-time work than you have left, you will be forced to take the next day off.
  • ·desire
    This number increases if you are sexually harassed.
    When this number is high, it becomes easier to forgive your body and you will no longer feel guilty.
    Get your sexual juices flowing by doing some naughty things with Kyle on a regular basis.
  • ·Sense of guilt
    I feel guilty towards my husband Kyle.
    The lower this number is, the more flashy things you can do; it is a decreasing number.
    It decreases due to certain types of sexual harassment and part-time jobs.
    Also, if this number decreases too much, prostitution becomes possible.
  • Detection rate
    This number increases if you engage in flashy behavior or work a flashy part-time job.
    If this number becomes high…!?
  • ·Frustration
    bad status
    In this state, you will be able to engage in prostitution with anyone in town.
  • ·diary
    Monica is surprisingly serious and keeps a daily diary without fail.
    This lets you know when, where, and what you were doing.
  • Kyle’s point of view
    From the perspective of Kyle, Monica’s husband.
    This time the event will be from Kyle’s perspective…!?
  • ·virgin
    The two are in a platonic relationship and have never had sex.
    Kyle, who is inexperienced, can’t touch her, so Monica is still a virgin.
    It is up to the player to decide whether to protect or destroy Monica’s virginity.
  • Botched belly
    In this game, if you are unlucky, you may end up pregnant.
    If you become pregnant, you may not be able to take on certain jobs.
    If you want to make money, make sure to use contraception.
    In this case, when you become pregnant, a cut-in will occur that shows that fertilization has occurred.
  • Guild rank
    This time, there will be battles, and your guild rank will rise by accepting work orders from the guild, accepting requests set by the guild, and defeating monsters.
    There are ranks from D to A, and once you reach a certain rank…!?
  • Sexuality system
    Monica has a favorite act.
    By concentrating on the act, you may awaken the sexual tendencies that are sleeping deep within you.
    What if I woke up to that fetish…!?
  • Prostitution negotiation
    If you become frustrated, you will be able to engage in prostitution with the townspeople.
    The reactions of the people in the town vary; some will offer you a price, or you can offer a price and negotiate the price for prostitution.
    What if we end up with conditions that neither of us can agree to…!?

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