Stuck in Sutton [v0.9] By Ben Rosewood

Ben Rosewood Games released a new game called Stuck in Sutton and the version is 0.9. The game’s story is about This cozy rural town is located in sunny California. Whilst many would consider Sutton to be a mere stop on a long journey, those who take the time to visit the town will find it has many things to offer, such as: The Sutton Hotel This cozy and humble hotel offers the perfect place for respite after a long day on the road. With friendly owner Greg Plimpton ready to serve, one can expect a clean, well-maintained room and service with a smile. The Truck Stop A common meeting spot, the truck stop is host to a local convenience store and many truckers who are often looking for a bit of company.

McCall’s Bar A staple of Sutton, McCall’s bar is an intimate space with a retro-American setting. One can expect to meet many of the friendly locals, play a round of pool, and down a well-earned drink served by the owner Mary McCall. Pink Lounge Strip Club For those who enjoy a bit of excitement, the Pink Lounge features the hottest women in Sutton in their full glory. The owner, Dennis Deveroux, has been in the adult entertainment industry longer than most and has turned the Pink Lounge into one of the hottest locations under the Californian sun.

Developer: Ben Rosewood
File Size: 1.2 MB
Version: 0.9
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • It’s Five-Day, Five-Day, Gettin’ Down on Five-Day. Added Day 5 content, including additional content with Chance, Mary, Russ, Annabell, Dan, and the Trio.
  • Lap It Up. Added Lapdances as a work opportunity at the Pink Lounge.
  • I Luv UI. UI improvements including the character creation screen, nameable saves, inventory and the truck shop.
  • Two Odd. Added 2 random events.
  • Sinful in Sutton. Added Annabell corruption content including an ecstasy pill scene, 2 new prostitution scenes, 3 new sex scenes, and 1st pass at her endings. endings.
  • Happy Endings. Second pass at endings, including the wedding and some interactions during the wedding night.
  • Parting Gifts. Added 6 Bonus Items that can be earned after a successful playthrough. These items can be used during your next playthrough.
  • Stick it to ’em. Can now learn to drive a manual car.
  • SPLAT! Fixed various bugs such as a dead end with donating to George during Day 4, coding issues with Russ’ path, Annabell’s intoxication, and more.


  • End 4 Tonight. End of Day 4 Content including content with most major NPCs.
  • Thematic. Added 6 selectable themes, including Dark, Light, Sepia, Rosewood, Midnight, and The Hub.
  • New Looks. Added 1 eye color and 2 more hair styles.
  • Coffee Time. Added the ‘Coffee Cup’ and ‘Coin with Clock Arms’ tattoo.
  • Outlaw Country WOOOO! Added 1 random event and 1 bar shift at McCall’s bar involving the Road Rattlers Motorcycle Club.
  • Eventful. Also added an additional 4 random events, in addition to the above.
  • Can I Come Too? Edited many random events to include Annabell’s presence if she’s following you.
  • Food for Thought. Added a warning if the player has no food at the end of the day.
  • Pretty in Pink. Modified Bartending at the Pink Lounge to now have Beauty Penalties and added one more stripping outfit.
  • Staying Power. Adjusted Marijuana, Lean, Overstressed, and Dirty scenes
  • SPLAT! Fixed bugs involving Annabell’s 69 scene, certain scenes not adding/retracting stats, Sluttiness dropping to 0 at the end of certain days, Stripper Name not displaying, errors with park drug dealing, and more.

Developer Notes:

This is just a sample of what Sutton has to offer any tourist. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Game Images & Screenshots

Online Version: ITCH.IO – NEWGROUNDS

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