Succubus Labyrinth [v1.0] By Animism

Animism Games released a new game called Succubus Labyrinth and the version is 1.0. The game’s story is about Succubus will try to seduce you in any way they can. Will you be able to resist their temptations and escape from this dream world? This is a completely new title with all new succubus models and animations. The game is about escaping from the approaching succubus in the dream world and aiming for the real world.You are made to ejaculate when the succubus catches you.​

Developer: Animism
File Size: 176.0 MB
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

  • *H-Scenes
    All H-scenes are made with animation.
    The only H-scene is succubus attacking you one-sidedly.
  • There is no reversal at all.
    The sex situations are,
  • Cowgirl position, handjob, titjob, blowjob, footjob, trampling, threesome, etc.
  • There are 30 animations in total.
    The H-scene animation plays endlessly without stopping.
  • Pressing a button during an H-scene increases the speed of the animation.
  • You can also ejaculate by pressing the button.
    The game is a rogue light RPG, and dungeons are randomly generated.
    The game is played while running away from succubus.
  • If the succubus catches you, the sex scene will start.
    The difficulty level increases little by little as you progress through the dungeon, but once you get used to the movements of the succubus, you will be able to clear the dungeon without difficulty.
  • The dungeon can be cleared by anyone due to the specifications that allow you to start over from the same level as many times as you want with auto-save.
    The dungeon is cleared when the player reaches to the 50th stage, and the ending can be seen.
  • After clearing the dungeon, you can play the dungeon as many times as you like in the challenge mode.
    After clearing the dungeon, H-mode will appear and all H-scenes will be released.
  • In H-mode, you can watch H-scene as many times as you want.
  • Only H-scene has voice.
    (English product description provided by the creator.)

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