Suika Oppai [v1.0] By Nakama

Nakama Games released a new game called Suika Oppai and the version is 1.0. The game’s story is about Boobs as big as watermelons Merge girls with the same size boobs to create an even bustier girl. Will you get the girl with breasts bigger than watermelons? As you get larger size combos, the size of the girl’s boobs will increase to gigantic proportions. Prevent the spheres with the girls from reaching the top line or you will lose. Make more combos, and bigger ones, to accumulate points and have a higher and higher record. If you are addicted to boobs, then this game will be even more addictive for you..​

Developer: Nakama
File Size: 3.7 MB
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows, Android
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

  • Addictive gameplay, you will always want to come back to play another game.
  • To avoid affecting player productivity, the game has an auto-save system, so you can close the game at any time and continue your game later.
  • More than 20 illustrations.
  • An illustration showing the breast size reached during the game. If her breasts are too big and it’s hard to see in the game, you can make them transparent by pressing on the girl.
  • Different moaning sounds for each type of combo, you can change the volume or silence it.
  • The game is saved automatically, you can close the game at any time and when you return, you can continue the game as it was.
  • Counter that accumulates all the time you have been playing. This game is seriously addictive!
  • Version for smartphone Android and Windows PC.
  • Expansion
  • Observe how her breast size grows!

Game Images & Screenshots


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