Tacarasu [v0.41] By Itaguaçu – Adult Games Download

Itaguaçu Games released a new game called Tacarasu and the version is 0.41. The game’s story is about a 3D survival game with adult content​

Developer: Itaguaçu
File Size: 163.3 MB
Version: 0.41
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 1 Fixes and adjustments:
    * Fixed the map gift icon!
    * Fixed the Pitanguinha milk item bug that lasted until the level 3 variation of the “Pitanguinha Attack” event!
    * Corrected character dialogs!
    * Adjusted the base’s Telestanport points! The player can now telestransport at any time!
    * Adjusted the default language of the game!
    * Animation alignment error fixed!
  • 2 Systems:
    * New trading system added to the game!
    * New gift system added to the game!
    * A new character has been added to the game, his name is Yhandi!
    * New monster added to the game!
    * Credit area added!
    * New secret location
  • 3 Main story events:
    * His name is Yhandi!”
    * Lisany’s store opening!”
    * Lisany’s store opening!” – ( Contains explicit content for adults! + 18 )
  • 4 Adult content added!
    * Firewood collection event:

    1 new variation has been added for Dayani! ( Dayani level 3 to unlock! )
    1 new variation has been added for Limda! ( Limda level 3 to unlock! )
  • * Pintaguinha attack event
    1 new variation has been added – ( The player needs to be level 3 and activate the “There’s a monster in the camp” event to unlock it! )
  • *Raquel’s Laboratory event:
    1 new variation has been added, Rauqel’s character needs to be level 4 to be unlocked!

Developer Notes:

I’m Itaguaçu, I’m a 3D game developer with adult content. This is my first project, I’m a beginner game developer, so don’t expect a big, good quality project. This game is strictly +18, please do not download if you are under 18 years old!!!

Game Images & Screenshots


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