Tales Of Aravorn: An Elven Marriage [v1.0.6] By Winter Wolves

Winter Wolves Games released a new game called Tales Of Aravorn: An Elven Marriage and the version is 1.0.6. The game’s story is about In the first spin-off of the VN/RPG Loren The Amazon princess, play as Elenor or Saren again and travel to Triberg to make sure that the arranged elven marriage between Lydia and Marian goes smoothly. Be careful: the demons are planning something… Story Trailer

Developer: Winter Wolves
File Size: 243.5 MB
Version: 1.0.6
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

  • A few years after the events of Loren The Amazon Princess, a marriage is arranged between the princess of the moon elves, Lydia, and High Cleric Marian of Paqwana. The marriage is to be the first of its kind after many years, uniting an elf with a member of the Human Empire.
  • Naturally, such an important marriage has the potential to attract enemies among the elves and within the Empire. But there are others who’d also like to see the marriage fail such as the succubus, Jul, and the Death Knight, Zeal.
  • Concerned about the risks involved, the Council of Grimoire asks Apolimesho to once again seek out the help of Elenor/Saren and put them in charge of escorting Lydia on her journey to Triberg. It’ll be their responsibility to make sure that she arrives there safely so that the marriage can proceed without issue.

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