The Beginning Of End [v0.2.0] By The Art Of Suicide Games

The Art Of Suicide Games released a new game called The Beginning Of End and the version is 0.2.0. The game’s story is about The Beginning Of End is about an 18-year-old boy who studies at a high school in Japan with his sister and mother, he is a good student and has a girlfriend, so his life at the beginning is that of any young student, but as the story progress the protagonist will experience different situations that could direct your life to different results, so your fate is in the player hands.​

Developer: The Art Of Suicide
File Size: 1.24 GB
Version: 0.2.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Added to the story.

  • Added 4 events with the sister, one of these unlocks a memory, at the moment all the events are related to the shot that the MC received.
  • Added 2 events with the teacher, which at the moment are related to the shooting of the MC.

Gameplay improvements.

  • The mission system has been improved a little by this, I mean that in each event it shows you the points necessary for them to be completed, if in any event points are not shown it is because that event does not require them.
  • Levels in character stats already work, although at the moment they only work with Kiyoko regarding affection and she can only be raised up to level 1 with the respective 10 affection points.

Bug fixes and more.

  • Some minor errors corresponding to the previous version were fixed, if I’m honest I don’t remember the errors fixed so I can’t document them xD.
  • The Android version of the game is released, although due to a small problem that could not be corrected, the language change window at the beginning was removed, but only on Android, even so, the language can be accessed in the options(opciones) section.

Developer Notes:

Hi everyone, this is the first version of my game .

First of all i want to apologize for my english beacuse is a language that i don´t speak english very well so if the English grammar is wrong, I would appreciate it if you could tell me so I can correct it in the future.

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