The Contest at Houndgate [v2] By EroFlair

EroFlair Games released a new game called The Contest at Houndgate and the version is 2. The game’s story is about A Text-Based CYOA RPG set in a large medieval fantasy city. You take the role of a customizable noob adventurer, out to prove themself in a mysterious contest hosted by the rulers of the city. Explore the city, find work where you can, and fuck or get fucked all the way to the top.​

Developer: EroFlair
File Size: 4.8 MB
Version: 2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Initial Alpha Release

  • Full character customization
  • Complete prologue with branching paths leading to 9 different possible outcomes
  • Very beginnings of a few side quests, with a couple able to be completed fully.
  • A lot of framework stuff like a currency system, Day/Night cycle, clothing tracking, and a journal that tracks player progress and next steps in quests.
  • Playable up to Day 1

Developer Notes:

My first ever game, be gentle :pIt’s a Twine CYOA game at heart, but I’m making great strides to set it apart by adding RPG mechanics to spice up the experience. I’ve played a LOT of these types of games, and I like to think that I’ve got a good grasp of what works and what doesn’t in terms of the core gameplay (i.e what is too grindy or is too much reading etc.)

The game does not have art yet, but it’s my plan in the future to get at least some sort of paperdoll system implemented.

I’m putting a ton of effort into making the game as inclusive as possible, so almost all of the content/kinks will be toggle-able On and Off, so if furries aren’t your cup of tea, you can tweak your settings and it will change the normally furry characters to human counterparts. In addition, I’ve added a two-tiered options system to the furry content so you can make them “Partial” if you wanted; for example, the currently implemented “Catfolk” woman NPC in the game can be the player’s choice of:

  1. A Feline/Cat Furry.
  2. A typical “Catgirl” (Just cat ears and a tail on a human woman’s body.)
  3. A regular, human woman free of any anthropomorphic features.

It’s this approach that I’m taking with all of the available content that I’m hoping will help set me apart from the sea of similar games. I’m being super thorough with my writing to make sure everyone gets a good amount of content.

Game Images & Screenshots


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