The Dorm Is Yours! [Steam] By Kami.Pimp.

Kami.Pimp. Games released a new game called The Dorm Is Yours! and the version is Steam. The game’s story is about It sure is a nice place to live. A dorm that is. One might decide to spent their time mostly there on studying ancient texts. Another soul might not take any interest in that and would rather commit themselves to atheltic duties and no one can blame them for wanting to do that, neither. It really is a beautiful place to move around and never miss the chance for a walk during sunrise. Another person might see any pleasure in doing any of that and would rather find themselves other ways to be entertained all day inside their room with the help of modern technology and their endless potential to give you fun times.

And if there really is not someone like that person there, then you might find a special mage that decide to settle their base of teachings right there at this dorm. Having lifes live on the adventures end of things, even if life-threatening, you might see that dorm as a great resting place.But that place wouldn’t reach it’s true greatness, if there wasn’t somebody to maintain the property now, would it ?Formally know as Dorm Mother & Magic

Developer: Kami.Pimp.
File Size: 1.12 GB
Version: Steam
OS: Windows
Languages: English
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Game Version Changelog:

Steam version added

Developer Notes:

    Every romantic and sexual relationship you have
    with each resident is a secret!
    Beware to not get caught red handed by other residents!
    Or else you’ll meet an early bad end!
    You want to build an harem with the mages ? You can!
    Very possible. Also, do you see the affection bars ?
    Each affection milestone is soft locked by a “quest”.
    Complete it to raise affection beyond that and
    to get to know her better!
    Go around the dorm and do the work of a dorm mother!
    You’ll gain essence points that can be used as mana to get
    stronger and have an easier time in other aspects.
    And while at it, you can have consensual sex by begging!
    Ask the girl for sexual favors on the spot, ranging from
    ‘Kiss me’ to ‘Suck my dick’ and ‘Let’s do it doggystyle’.
    Beware of bystanders! Unless … if you’ve build an harem …
    If you feel strong enough, you can ask a mage for a duel.
    Test your magical capabilities to your heart’s and dick’s content!
    The Real-Time-Strategy rules will serve you as a way for both,
    magical, challanging combat and magical, consensual sexual mischief!
  • /// SKILL TREE \\\
    By converting your essence to mana, you can unlock
    a range of skills that serve in various categories.
    Learn about ways to restrain your opponent in a duel for … reasons.
    Learn various ways of begging for … more … reasons.
    Learn how to do ‘those reasons’ while she is asleep for … even more reasons.
    Learn how to lockpick the toilet door for so many, many more reasons!
    … or learn skills to become a better dorm mother …

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