The Fiery Scion [Update 19d] By Vander

Vander Games released a new game called The Fiery Scion and the version is Update 19d. The game story is about It is a fantasy story about a young mage being released into the world after his long, isolated schooling, a world under a Curse that makes most babies be born female. Follow him as he goes on adventures, fights, forms relationships, has sex, and makes lots of babies.

Developer: Vander
File Size: 4.05 GB
Version: Update 19d
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Update 19d:

Developer Notes:

Guaranteed no NTR. But there will be some lesbian stuff, you are warned. Most purely lesbian content will be avoidable, but not all, nor will be the threesome foursome, etc…

I must precise that not every single Li is a virgin even though most are. And that semi-public sex is part of the setting so you will be in situations were they fuck their own women from time to time, but you won’t have to see it if you choose not to . But no sharing. Fuck that.

Also, there will be quite a lot of non-avoidable LIs. Since I intend to have an extensive cast and a lot of pregnancy sex, the number of renders for each scene would be too much otherwise. But, the intensity of the relationship will be different depending on choices. Arranged marriage vs love for example.

Game Images & Screenshots

This is part 2. If you are a new player, please download part 1 below. If you are a returning one, your save should be transfered automatically, as long as you saved at the end of part 1, when it asks you to.




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