The Flash [v0.02] By jaquine

The Flash [v0.02] By jaquine

jaquine Games released a new game called The Flash and the version is 0.02. The game’s story is about

Welcome to the Neonpunk city of The Flash. Here there are no second chances but every person is allowed to redeem themselves. You just might be the one offered redemption if you’re committed enough to your progress and to the women you meet. Good luck!

SPOILER As the protagonist in this story, you find yourself in a familiar place but somehow a different time. It’s your job to figure out what happened or more like what is happening. Time doesn’t seem to matter much so you might as well enjoy yourself while you do that.

Developer: jaquine
File Size: 511.2 MB
Version: 0.02
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • New Emily scenes
  • More Jenny scenes
  • The story has now started and there are events in the game connected to the main quest
  • Flowers now have meaning in the game – they will also be used to progress some quests
  • emporarily removed some interaction images of Jenny and Abby so players aren’t confused or annoyed by the false positives around the house, you will now only see their faces pop up on locations where they actually are and where content has been created.
  • Made text for personal stat increases pop out more
  • Added punishment for failing to pay (not the good kind 
  • ), fail to do it 3 times and you’re gonna have a bad time coming back to the game, not fully developed so I created a “rollback to safety button”
  • Added a weekly rent for staying with Jenny (3 new scenes)
  • Added Sauna functionality and scenes
  • Added a mini job that now allows you to collect money
  • Added 5 new workplace scenes (4 repeatable) and a few gifs
  • Rewrote the overview for the game
  • Added more clarity on what stats you earn through the prologue
  • Added first iteration of the tutorial at the end of the prologue
  • Added logic for cheat inputs, it now displays correct/wrong inputs
  • Added an inventory
  • instead of immediately having access to the computer, you now have to buy it, it’s not really worth it but it’s just a building block to future content
  • First achievement added
  • Achievement tab added
  • Basic quest help tab added
  • Credits page added

Developer Notes:

I want to use this as a vehicle to practice writing, practice development, and most of all practice creating an enjoyable adventure/story. I welcome you to find and report inconsistencies and what you consider bad within the game and I will do my best to fix it in a way that makes sense. Do consider that the story is barely starting and also note that sex scene writing seems a bit awkward to me but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

Use the cheat “pineapple” to unlock extra content and gain extra attributes. There’s more fruity cheats in there so you’re welcome to find them.

Roadmap: Adding more NPCs – Side Quests
Adding more locations in the world
Jobs and other money earning ways
Quest Tracking
Talking to NPCs in the world
Inventory management
Shop with items
Continuation of the main narrative – Main Quests
My main focus going forward will be first completing the main story. Once the story is nearly complete and there’s huge emphasis on nearly, I will implement many many many NPCs that you will be able to interact with. And once I get at least 20 NPCs down, I will close out the story and write the ending. So technically I will develop the story and will then leave you on a cliffhanger until the game is nearly complete but in return I’ll find the best way to entertain along the way with side quests and side stories. To implent and finish the story, Inventroy Management has high priority so expect that in the next update.

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The Flash [v0.02] By jaquine

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