The Hero’s in the Making and the Demon Queen’s Assassins [v1.12] By Nishino

Nishino Games released a new game called The Hero’s in the Making and the Demon Queen’s Assassins and the version is 1.12. The game’s story is about This is a world where humans and demons live together, they’ve been fighting for a long time. The Hero appeared as a young boy tho, And his power will change the balance of the world. One day, the boy and his father decide to save two girls being attacked by monsters and invite them into their home. BUT They are assassins of the Demon King sent to ensnare the boy. They plan to corrupt him with lecherous acts to make him abandon the hero’s endeavor. Will he resist their temptation? Will he be able to overcome the demon queen’s plans

Developer: Nishino
File Size: 403.2 MB
Version: 1.12
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

  • The game tells you that the recollection room is not implemented in the end but don’t get fooled, access it is via reading the diary in “My Room” three times.
  • The translations added a bit of sketchy hard lock bugs for two scenes near the end… I passed it by importing my saves to the Japanese version, going through the scenes, import the saves back to the translated version. (I slipped the Japanese version in the download file in case you want to do the same).

Game Images & Screenshots


Extras: Japanese Version

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