The Killing Antidote [v0.4.8] By MetalStar Studio

MetalStar Studio Games released a new game called The Killing Antidote and the version is 0.4.8. The game’s story is about In the future, a special germ will cause human beings to continue to be infected and mutated, and the human world is about to come to an end. The protagonist, Jodi, is a brave freelance journalist who investigates the inside story of the incident and searches for the legendary antidote, and unknowingly is in danger.​

Developer: MetalStar Studio
File Size: 1.85 GB
Version: 0.4.8
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

New content, new abandoned hangar area, new clothes, new items, and more

Content Update

  • New content added to Story Mode.
  • A reworked abandoned hangar area.
  • A new set of KPOP fashion clothes.
  • New item: Energy Drink, which quickly restores your stamina.
  • New item: A small pill that can be taken on the move to restore half of your health.
  • New movement action: Crawling through ventilation ducts.
  • New movement action: Climbing ladders.
  • Manic will jump on the protagonist and trigger a QTE. Use the dagger to kill the Manic instantly.
  • In certain places, walkers will climb up.
  • Crouching now has an option to either be “toggled” or “hold to crouch”.
  • Melee modifications:
  • Changed axe attack to a 4-move combo.
  • Critical hit triggers when a zombie is in a knockback state, no longer randomised by probability.
  • Added specific moves to melee attacks when viewed from downward to increase hit rate.
  • Added a move to crit a zombie from behind (sneak attack).
  • Supported gamepad input.
  • Steam achievements and leaderboards added.
  • Jodi’s office computer is working.
  • Added game tips to the loading screen.
  • Added the option to automatically equip newly obtained weapons.

Fixed Issues

  • Doors are no longer blocked by dead bodies or anything else.
  • Solved the problem of thrown grenades and mines occasionally falling at your feet.
  • Multiple items can be picked up quickly.
  • Fixed issue for when your gun is empty, you wouldn’t be able to trigger the shove animation on the walker in front of you.
  • Optimised some movement details.
  • Improved the statistics interface.
  • The item box has been categorised.
  • Adjusted the experience upgrading interface of Survival Challenge to solve the problem that the character stops moving occasionally after upgrading.
  • Fixed bugs related to the rewards given at the end of levels.
  • Various other bugs.

Developer Notes:

  • Gameplay features
  • This game is a third-person action genre that mainly contains elements such as shooting, melee combat, and puzzle solving.
  • Realistic style rendering
  • Beautiful heroine
  • All kinds of beautiful clothes and hairstyles
  • Refreshing blow feeling
  • Rich motion and interaction design
  • Scary zombie apocalyptic atmosphere
  • Clever puzzle elements
  • Innovative random item mechanic
  • Challenging battle modes
  • Different types of zombies with different characteristics
  • Development Team
  • This game is developed by Johnny and Naux, we hope that this game will bring you an enjoyable gaming experience. Thank you for your interest and support.
  • The game is still in development and is not yet complete, so please feel free to communicate with us and we’ll work together to make this game better!

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