The Last Romantic [v0.022] By Mensh

Mensh Games released a new game called The Last Romantic and the version is 0.022. The game’s story is about Occasionally, one’s life can seem simple, a clear straight road with no turns at all, never mind wrong ones, but in reality, a whirlwind of failures and mishaps might happen at any moment, covering the future in uncertainty.​

Developer: Mensh
File Size: 401.0 MB
Version: 0.022
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

The Tutor and Alice branch continues in this update.
6 New CG:

4 New animations:

A branch of an ex-girlfriend (Lara) is developing in the update

  • 5 new CG
  • 2 new animated scenes with variation
  • Added save files so as not to go through the game first
  • Added a guide for the walkthrough of the game


  • bug with duplicate tasks in the task list
  • no back button in some interfaces
  • removing pop-up about getting points where points are not actually given / adding extra points in places where they are needed, but not given
  • interface bugs when objects not corresponding to the location could be displayed
  • docking of some quests in episode 1 (when the quest is logically finished, but the task is still hanging in the list / when the quest has not finished yet and is waiting for the player to act, but the task is not displayed in the list)
  • descriptions of some quests, so that their text coincides with what is happening in the game

Developer Notes:

Game Images & Screenshots


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