The Legacy of Hedonia Forbidden Paradise [Pre-alpha 0.3] By MUGENlink Works

The Legacy of Hedonia Forbidden Paradise [Pre-alpha 0.3] By MUGENlink Works

MUGENlink Works Games released a new game called The Legacy of Hedonia Forbidden Paradise and the version is Pre-alpha 0.3. The game’s story is about Lily suddenly finds herself in a mysterious place known as the Prison of Desire, with all kinds of traps and enemies that try to capture her.​

Developer: MUGENlink Works
File Size: 172.9 MB
Version: Pre-alpha 0.3
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.3: bug fix

  • The previous fix had broken the behavior when the turns ran out. Should be fixed for real now.

v0.2: bug fixes

  • It was possible to increase the binding values above the maximum of 999. This has now been fixed.
  • If the player got captured on the final turn, they would be tied to a pole even after the escape sequence had ended. This has now been fixed and the player should be freed properly now.
    • Several improvements to the stealth section:
    • When the player has not been detected yet, the bandits no longer use random patterns, making it easier to anticipate their movements.
    • Before, after alerting a bandit, it was not possible to use Lily Kick again until the “…” emote showed up. This has been changed so Lily Kick can now be used already once the question mark appears above a bandit.
    • On lower difficulties, the range of alerting other guards when using Lily Kick has been greatly decreased.

Developer Notes:

In this pre-alpha demo, players get a taste of what the future game will offer. This demo covers the first main area of the Prison to let players experience the core gameplay systems. Storywise, this is essentially the opening act.
Note: the game has been optimized for playing with keyboard. Gamepad may work, but is not officially supported in this pre-alpha demo as it has not been optimized yet.

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The Legacy of Hedonia Forbidden Paradise [Pre-alpha 0.3] By MUGENlink Works

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