The Lost Game [Final] Libidinal Fastfood

Game Srory Line

Welcome to the lost game! A game which should be terminated. You will visit the Red Rock Arean in the Dragon Kingdom. Although it is only a small part of the world, you still will have exciting fightings.​

Developer Notes

The game happens in a virtual world where the running device is in the deep sea. You are going to control an unlucky ghost, who is created by a selfish programmer, starting your adventure on a land where science and spell co-exist. Fight in the Red Rock Arean and win your rewards. Monster, human, devil and chicken, you can nearly meet all kinds of strange creatures here. The resources are limited so consider your every step carefully.

There are three major trials in the game. See whether you can survive until the end. The Lost Game is a 2D RPG game . The battles in the game are automatic round AI fightings. You don’t need to control your characters in these battles but your need to build them so the team can win the fight. Each time you win the fight, you will get some rewards for buying healing or level up items.

The enermies will become stronger and stronger with time. Make a balance between survive items and level up items can help you continuing the game. There are 9 female characters in this game and they will appear as your enermy.

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