The Simple Path [Alpha1] Thackerweil

Thackerweil Games released a new game called The Simple Path and the version is Alpha1. The game’s story is about There is no plot or main goal here. You are an ordinary boy who, as a teenager, was stuck in a small town with his father. Now that you have reached adulthood, you have to deal with your problems yourself, start relationships, get money and so on. If not, your father will gladly do all these things for you then.​

Developer: Thackerweil
File Size: 114.2 MB
Version: Alpha1
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Alpha 1
Initial release

Developer Notes:

Please note that at the moment this is not a full game, but a tech demo. It contains a lot of bugs, maybe some broken passages, and is not balanced at all.

Game Images & Screenshots

Attention!! – Read the developer notes before downloading


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