The Sin Within [v0.4] By CigarRex

CigarRex Games released a new game called The Sin Within and the version is 0.4. The game’s story is about THE SIN WITHIN is the story of a boy exploring his mundane world under a new light… Join Nick Harada, the kind student from the suburbs, in his journey to uncover the true pleasures of Lust, being led by an unlikely fate with the supernatural! Free the desires of ALL the women he knows, and the world will become a better place! (maybe?) Posessed by the Deadly Sin of Lust, Nick will have to find his footing as a Devil, navigating through his new ‘options’ while he searches for the other 6 Deadly Sins! (He will have sex, if you didn’t catch it!!!!!)

Developer: CigarRex
File Size: 3.55 GB
Version: 0.4
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.4 (2024-03-15):

  • 3.300 new renders (with +272 animations!!)
  • 500 new sprites!
  • 7.800 lines of dialogue!
  • ~50 new scenes!
  • added map system
  • 3 new locations (LoveZone, Mall, Coffee Shop)
  • 2 new characters (Tina and ???)
  • Reach LVL 100 with Chloe, Karla, Michelle, Alice and Tina !
  • improved audio system
  • reworked notifications & improved UI
  • 2 new ways of making money!
  • and a secret way of becoming a millionaire…

v0.3 (2023-07-20):

  • 2.300 new renders (with +200 animations)
  • 540 new sprites
  • 6.200 lines of dialogue
  • ~40 new scene
  • Totalling…
  • 7.200 renders
  • 17.200 lines of dialogue

Developer Notes:

Hello. Thanks for coming by, I hope you enjoy my game! (I sure did…) Your feedback is worth gold! Be sure to tell me what you thought & review it, please!! And check my SS Account if you want to support me! I’ll be posting goodies there in no time. (THE 0.2 VERSION IS ALREADY AVAILABLE FOR SUBSCRIBERS!!)

Game Images & Screenshots


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