Throne of Blood [Ep. 3] By LeStar Studios

LeStar Studios Games released a new game called Throne of Blood and the version is Ep. 3. The game’s story is about You following the adventures of both a man and a woman. Their hunger for power will make them take all the risks to reach their goal. James Miller is a crime lord who is tired of being in the shadow of William Smith and wants to take over. Emilia Smith is the elder daughter of William. She wants to make sure that she inherits the throne when he retires, as she has to face the ambition of her step-sister and her mother.

Will they be able to achieve their goals? What alliances, mixed with erotic encounters, will they need to do to eventually gain control over their common objective: to control the Throne of Blood?

Developer: LeStar Studios
File Size: 655.9 MB
Version: Ep. 3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Episode 1

Developer Notes:

Hello guys. This game is made by LePew and Gamesstar. We are really excited to present it to you. We hope to entertain you with a good story and a variety of erotic content. We hope you enjoy playing the game. If you see any kink that you don’t like you will always be able to skip it. You will be able to explore lots of different paths. If you have any question about the game feel free to ask. Support us if you enjoyed playing and join us on our discord server. Your ratings and likes will be helpful for us.

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