Tomb of Destiny [Ch. 1 v1.1] By UltraBabes

Tomb of Destiny [Ch. 1 v1.1] By UltraBabes

UltraBabes Games released a new game called Tomb of Destiny and the version is Ch. 1 1.1 The game’s story is about In this audio-visual novel, you play the role of a newly appointed assistant to (fully voiced!) famous British archeologist Clara Loft.

Dive head first into an adventure filled with cheeky humor, pop culture references and a lot of lewdness. Your choices and behavior will affect your relationship with Clara and eventually shape your – and her – destiny. Will you try to win her heart or act like a (literal) dick?​

Developer: UltraBabes
File Size: 256.5 MB
Version: Ch. 1 1.1
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Ch1 1.1 public

  • added Android and Mac versions
  • added new difficulty settings:
  • “Story Mode” for those who don’t want to bother with the hidden object puzzles. It will show a direct hint where to click. Note: It is recommended to choose this setting in a new playthrough, but there’s also an option to change it any time in the settings. However, it will not affect the current screen you’re on, so if you want to see the effect on a current puzzle you’re at, go back 1 or 2 screens, change the difficulty, then it should work going forward.
  • “Default” shows no hints, but relationships stats (as before).
  • “Immersive” shows no puzzle hints and no relationship feedback – because in real life, there are no bars telling you what others think of you, right? 😉
  • improved ‘secret’ implementation:
  • Now shows a notification and plays a chime when a secret has been found
  • (this is also a basis for a gallery feature with all found secrets that I plan to add in the
  • 2 new artworks and slightly changed/new dialog for secrets (“Final Debauchery” and inside the tomb entrance cave)

Developer Notes:

Hey everyone – I love the F95 community and look forward to your feedback on Tomb of Destiny!
I wanted to make sure to have a proper first chapter ready on initial release, rather than just a 5 minute demo, so it’s already stuffed with a lot of content. It is pretty linear though, this will change with Chapter 2, where the gameplay will be more in the style of corruption/trainer games. Check out the public posts on my Patreon for more detailed information about the game’s road map.
I’m also open about the fact that I use some AI image generation in my workflows, but it’s combined with other more traditional methods and just a way to speed up the workflow and/or get better results. So while I know it’s a controversial topic, I hope you can see that at the end it will just help the game to become better and move forward in development more rapidly.

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Tomb of Destiny [Ch. 1 v1.1] By UltraBabes

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