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Game Srory Line

Welcome to Transpire, a +18 visual novel that dives deep into the journey of self-discovery and transformation. Set in a modern world filled with complex relationships and societal norms, the game follows the story of a guy who makes the decision to embrace his true identity by transitioning to the opposite gender. Apart from his family, nobody knows about his decision, leading “her” into a new life filled with social challenges and complications. ​

Version Changelog

0.0.1 (First release):

  • Prologue added (110 images)
  • 2 main quests (school) added
  • 6 main locations added (Home, school, gym, mall, hospital, park)
  • 1 job added (gym)
  • 8 sex scenes added
  • Makeup added (eyes, lips, cheeks, nails)
  • Hairstyles added (4 front + 3 back)
  • Cosmetic surgery added (eyes color, breast size, skin color)
  • Clothing and accessories added

Game Images

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Extras: GUIDE

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