Traveler Inn Tales [v0.9c] By Star Tree Games

Star Tree Games released a new game called Traveler Inn Tales and the version is 0.9c. The game’s story is about Traveler Inn Tales is a fantasy ARPG game where you recruit female companions to clear dungeons and strengthen the bonds between each other. With enough time, your companions can become your lovers…However, your rival can also “steal” them if you’re not careful enough. The game features 13 heroines with their own story scenes, backstories, and sex scenes, over 2200 images, a fast-paced dungeon crawler minigame, and a rival system to fight for your companions’ affection.​

Developer: Star Tree Games
File Size: 2.53 GB
Version: 0.9c
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added the DP Merchant on the second floor of the inn.
  • Added the ability to change specific heroine progression values when using cheats
  • Fixed a bug where the chosen bed partner disappears after using a Panty to view stats.
  • Fixed Marida appearing twice in the dungeon rooms.
  • Fixed Inner Dungeon Room not appearing for some players.
  • Fixed some tile set errors in the dungeon.
  • Fixed Marida’s lock function to work properly, Chad wouldn’t be able to advance her scenes if it’s toggled on
  • Fixed a bug where the white arrow disappears during Rina’s Rival Scene 4
  • Changed codes for Gallery & Cheats.
  • Some miscellaneous text/bug fixes.

Developer Notes:

Each day has 4 phases: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night. You start the day in the recruitment area, hiring heroines to join your party, then head south to the dungeons to find riches.

After exhausting your party you will be teleported to a camp, where you can give gifts or spend time with your companions.

At night, you can spend time with your heroine or invite them to bed with you, though you might want to know them better before asking for their body.

There are two ways heroines can appear in the plaza every morning, this is determined from the prologue.

Fixed Mode guarantees at least 4 different heroines to appear in the plaza, though it might increase the chances of your rival recruiting them.

Random mode rolls a number for each heroine, they can either all appear on the same day or none at all, making your route unique from most people.

Don’t worry, there’s always one heroine that appears in the plaza daily, she doesn’t know that adventurers have holidays.

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