Trials of Lust [v0.75] By BrOkEn eNgLiSh

BrOkEn eNgLiSh Games released a new game called Trials of Lust and the version is 0.75. The game’s story is about How Bob ended up with your Wife.​

Developer: BrOkEn eNgLiSh
File Size: 550.6 MB
Version: 0.75
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added “Item Collector”
    It’s kind of unfinish, it will be finish in next update.
  • Addeed dialogue record
    Player can press “shift” to use it during dialogue, or press “C” when not during dialogue.
  • Added press “ctrl” to fast forward during dialogue.
  • NTR ending
    There’ll be 5 sex scenes in ntr ending and lots of “not sex but sexual content”, such as lewd talk
  • Dancer outfit
    Adding dancer outfit which you will automatically get from at XXth day with a different kind of scene tied to her love to MC, and you ask her to dance for you in order to recover your MP.
  • Love route shower scene
    Add handjob shower sex scene when you shower with her at Maximum MP.
  • Alchemy system remake
    There’re lots of blueprints and materials being added into the game, blueprints can be gotten by events or research (research system are not started yet)
    Materials can be found by exploring the ruins.
  • Explore system remake
    Now there are five type of environments after you teleport, every type of environment has it’s own type of materials, and some environments might have bad affect for MC.
    Gathering materials and changing maps will consume HP(stamina), and when player’s stamina is too low, you can’t to continue explore or gather.

Game Images & Screenshots


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