Unexpected Party Z [Build 0.9] By KBStudio

KBStudio Games released a new game called Unexpected Party Z and the version is Build 0.9. The game’s story is about This is a point and click type of game about trying to seduce one of the girls that happen to be at your house. The game is in development so not all girls are available right now. In this build, you can finish these storylines:First one is about Rachel. Play a game of Truth or Dare with her, get her to like you, right amount of horny too and you might enjoy sex with her.

The second one is about the twin sisters. Help one to humiliate the other and get the sexual reward. Or help the other not get humiliated and you might get something too.The third one is about the adopted sister and her potential boyfriend. Try to get them together or just break them up for fun.The fourth one is about Jessica, who is in a relationship. Risk a wrath of her boyfriend when trying to get into her pants.The fifth one is about Lin, who is a only interested in girls. If you are playing as one, you can try an exciting drug she offers you.

The sixth one is about Nataly, who likes a good workout. Try to keep up with her and you might prove yourself to her in more than one way.The seventh one is about Lucy, who does not sleep with guys until at least the third date. Can you keep her happy on your first one?

Developer: KBStudio
File Size: 331.73 MB
Version: Build 0.9
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
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Game Version Changelog:

Build 0.9

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