Vignette in Vignette [v1.00.00] By Sugar Romance

Sugar Romance Games released a new game called Vignette in Vignette and the version is 1.00.00. The game’s story is about Vignette is a witch who lives in the laboratory of a sandbox world with her naughty apprentice. These sandboxes are scattered all around the world and have the power to trap the souls of otherworldly travelers. Vignette uses the tentacles she grows to torment the girls who also inhabit this world, and becomes a futanari to violate them over, and over again. She doesn’t realize it but there is a reason behind her actions… One day, her unattractive apprentice goes missing, along with the mysterious green seed that was in the lab. All that remained was a letter. “If you want to see your apprentice or that seed again, come and get them.” Vignette heads off to find the person who wrote the letter and retrieve the seed. And she supposed it would probably be good to rescue her apprentice, too… She could not have imagined what lay ahead.

Developer: Sugar Romance
File Size: 671.2 MB
Version: 1.00.00
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

  • The cards will determine your fate in this unique RPG.
    Vignette has no combat ability, so she uses the tentacles she has raised to fight.
  • All battle maps have many event points where you can draw the three types of oracle cards – [Flowers and Bugs], [Beast], and [Weather]. You can also choose not to draw cards.
    When drawn, they will decide what type of enemies you fight, as well as post-combat bonuses and events.
  • Tend to your tentacles to affect their growth by using items and the growth tree.
    Depending on your choices, their appearance and abilities will change.
  • When you defeat a boss, you can change into a futanari to implant them.
    You can also replay battles and choose between implantation or tentacle torture.

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