Voronica goes to Town [v0.3.5.2] By HeedlessHedon

HeedlessHedon Games released a new game called Voronica goes to Town and the version is The game’s story is about The animated vore life-sim! Eat, grow, transform! Veronica is out of jail (for eating people) and looking for employment that makes use of her skills, (eating people) and passions (eating people). Over twenty existing scenes, every one of them extensively animated! Help her to stay employed and out of jail by carefully weighing her options, developing her stats, and, above all, keeping her well-fed at all times! With multiple transformations (caused by eating people) and wardrobe options, this animated predatory life-sim will bring you hours of hilarity and voracious delight!​

Developer: HeedlessHedon
File Size: 2.92 GB
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • The main feature is new progress on the Hart dating line. Once you’ve met her in the fox club, assuming that you opted to follow her content, a new room at the Halfway will be unlocked – ‘Hart’s room’. Visiting her there will enter you into a new scene where Hart collects rent from some other lodgers. Additionally, there the ‘party girl’ scene in the clothes store is now fully fleshed out with animations and CGs. That completes the base content for the location, although I will be adding more for Mr Herman and his daughter down the line.
  • Beyond that, the first full (same size) predation scene has now been added with to the Park. To accompany that, there is now an additional outfit in the store the ‘Con-trition outfit’ which will let Voronica offload additional Heat when she does community service in the park.

Developer Notes:

I am ‘Heedless’ and I am making the vore themed visual novel ‘Voronica goes to Town’!
My specific focus is macro ‘furry’ style characters with human tinies. You may already be familiar with my most popular creation, Voronica, a giant bunny with a big appetite and the star of the first vore game on Steam!


  • Anal vore
  • Giantess vore
  • Hard vore (optional)


  • Breast expansion
  • Giantess growth
  • Belly growth
  • Macrophilia / Microphilia
  • Furry
  • Female and Male prey
  • Corruption
  • Cruelty

Game Images & Screenshots


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