Vtuber Hack [v2024-03-15] By Beel ze bub

Beel ze bub Games released a new game called Vtuber Hack and the version is 2024-03-15. The game’s story is about Hack the target Vtuber and find out their true identity. No matter how bright the stars are, I’ll pull them all down.Hack the target Vtuber and find out their true identity. Once you peel off the monster’s skin and find out the personal information, you can boil it or bake it as you please…

◆Story I want to believe in (see) beautiful idols (dreams)―― My world, which I believed so, suddenly collapsed one day. Due to the suspicion of being the boyfriend of the favorite Vtuber who poured Supacha into him. “It seems like you’re already at your limit. And that’s why you have the power you can hold.” In despair, a USB memory was handed to an unknown man. What was inside was a program for hacking. “Drag down the stars.” “Far away from the heavenly sea” Vtubers who play with the hearts of their fans and make them pay attention to themselves without even showing their faces. I can’t forgive that lie, which deprives people of no money even their dreams. Today, I turn on my computer and wield my electronic fangs.

Developer: Beel ze bub
File Size: 9.58 GB
Version: 2024-03-15
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Images & Screenshots



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