Waifu Dreams City [Build 11] By Waifu Dreams Studio

Waifu Dreams City [Build 11] By Waifu Dreams Studio

Waifu Dreams Studio Games released a new game called Waifu Dreams City and the version is Build 11. The game’s story is about A full 3D Auto-clicker game, You dance and get Ladies to dance for you to earn money to buy more levels and unlock higher floors with more ladies and animation to watch participate.​

Developer: Waifu Dreams Studio
File Size: 849.0 MB
Version: Build 11
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Build 11
Floor -1:

  • Added new machine with 4 speeds
    added 7 drawings
  • floor5:
    added 5 drawings
  • Customization:
    Fixed the accessories tab in the makeup building.
    now the accessories are shown with images
    4 new bdsm accessories, 2 of them with 1 model for idle and another one for the scenes
    3 new mask accessories with 2 models 1 for idle and another one for scenes
    2 new glasses
    2 new eye patches
    fixed the material of the glasses to make them reflective
    fixed the legs of the previous glasses
  • Nipples:
    Improved the texture of the Nipples, now all skin tones have corresponding Nipples
  • Added nipple color change with the basic colors in the skin tab to use the basic skin color, use the default skin color button
  • New building in the city (customize Body):
    Note: it’s in development, like all buildings it starts being a bit ugly, but I’m already improving it 
  • it can be modified
  • lower body:
    thighs separation
  • upper body:
  • body:
    Muscles and abs (I think I got a bit ugly, I’m going to sculpt the model again to improve them).
    nipple definition
  • bugs:
    fixed a bug with the sound of the machine from the previous update
  • hope you like the new building! :3

Developer Notes:

A simple sandbox game, which I hope to continue expanding over time, with the help of the community and their suggestions things will be added Whenever I release a new version, I will release the previous one for free, I hope you like the game a lot and thanks to all who support me you can take a look at my first project and if you want support it too :3

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Waifu Dreams City [Build 11] By Waifu Dreams Studio

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