Wandering Ryo [v1.2.0] By Hexoticas

Hexoticas Games released a new game called Wandering Ryo and the version is 1.2.0. The game’s story is about leading and following Ryoichi through a turbulent and slippery path of self-exploration and transformation in yet another feminization/collecting game.​

Developer: Hexoticas
File Size: 1.69 MB
Version: 1.2.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • New features:
    • New skin and eye color-changing items were added (available on levels 23, 26, and 33). These items with custom colors can also be ordered starting at level 93. Extra room interests will now include skin and eye colors.
    • A new Quality of Life option was added that allows increasing allowed number of mistakes during dates.
  • Bug fixes:
    • A few incorrect item descriptions were fixed.
  • Side effects:
    • Experience per level requirements were slightly changed; in some cases, the level may be reduced by 1 when loading state from the previous version.

Developer Notes:

Wandering Ryo has been developed as a pet project over many years. It started as an attempt to gamify existing art (various looks and clothes for the character) and later also became a way of learning / improving Javascript and related programming skills. The game development had its bursts and slack periods, witnessed various kinks and moods over years of development, and so may look inconsistent here and there, both in art and storyline.

The ultimate goal of the game would be unlocking all possible looks for Ryo, which would require ending the game in all possible ways (each completion being easier than the previous one), purchasing all the items, doing all activities, and completing all challenges. In addition to the PC brower, the game should look and work fine on mobile devices as well (landscape-oriented), and is available both offline (a single HTML file) and online (the link is available in the ‘About’ box).

Surprisingly, after all this time I enjoyed playing the game, which hopefully suggests that it is not a total waste. That said, I was the only tester of it, so while it looks playable and clear to me (and bug-free, of course), it may be not for others, so feel free to report anything that annoys or is inconvenient. If you don’t want to download, go to my website and play from there!

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