Warlock of Lust [v4.0] By Mike Velesk

Mike Velesk Games released a new game called Warlock of Lust and the version is 4.0. The game’s story is about You playing as a young prince who was ousted by the queen regent and is now in exile. It is up to you to seduce your allies, corrupt your enemies and regain control of your throne.

You will become a champion of the Goddess of Lust – wielding powerful magic and control over your minions. The game has an RPG and management elements – you gain skills while you must also develop your castle as a base of operations. The game includes a real-time combat system where you must summon minions to tank your foes while you cast spells to either kill, or enslave them.​

Developer: Mike Velesk
File Size: 568.3 MB
Version: 4.0
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • More content for Penelope. After her training is finished, you can decide what type of customers she will accept (or if any). She also have unique scene with each party member.
  • Corsair princess Zana added to the game. After Penelope’s training is finished and when you are preparing for an expedition, she will call you to the palace and will have few “questions” for you.
  • Some bug fixes, including better game stability when loading old saves from previous version.

Game Images & Screenshots


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