Welcum to the City [v0.10.0] Quiquersson

Game Storyline

After your father’s death, things start to get difficult in your life, so you’ve decided to accept your stepmother’s invitation to move back in with her and her daughter, just like it used to be when you were just a kid. However… You are a grown man now, and some things must have changed…​

Version Changelog


  • New Scene: hang out with the otaku/chūnibyō girl in the swimming class and know her a little more
  • New Scene: hang out with the Class President in the classroom
  • Reworked Intimacy Formula: love and lust stats are even more important in intimacy point formula for most of girls
  • Reworked Character Sprites: clumsy girl’s breasts are now very big. In addition, doctor/step-cousin’s sprites are finished now and her breasts are very big too
  • Voice Beep: New beep sounds for the newest characters that had reused beep sounds of older characters before
  • School Uniforms: School swimsuit is now added and implemented to all students. Your school uniform is automatically changed when you leave the locker room
  • Available Translation: Translation files are now available in the game “tl” folder so it can ease the work of translators with tests
  • Android Building: I changed the amount of RAM allocated from 1GB to 2GB, as some people reported that the game crashes more often after I changed from 3GB (versions 0.7 below) to 1GB (versions 0.8 and 0.9). As I analyzed, 3GB of RAM leaves the game too heavy; 1GB of RAM leaves the game better optimized, but unstable for some people; so I’m leaving it with 2GB of RAM now to test if it improves or not (It worked well on mine)

Game Images

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