Wrapturous Adventure [v2024-05-04] By MrWrapture

MrWrapture Games released a new game called Wrapturous Adventure and the version is 2024-05-04. The game’s story is about Yui the treasure hunter attempts to raid a buried pyramid only to be captured by its vengeful owner. Stripped and nearly mummified, can you find a way to avoid being caught while navigating through enemies, traps, puzzles – and your own fragile sanity? Only punishment awaits if you’re captured, and too much of that would break the mind of anyone. Good luck!​

Developer: MrWrapture
File Size: 235.3 MB
Version: 2024-05-04
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Here is a new W.I.P. build on the first level for the full game. The biggest change to this build is the punishment system, which now features some simple animations, but also the punishment gameplay will increase in difficulty every time players get caught.
  • Also, some good news is the updated punishment system also features a brand-new punishment artwork done by Tsinji, that I know a lot of you will love to see. Plus another punishment is being worked on and it will be added into the build in a later update.
  • Along with that, there have been some other updates. One of them is having the settings menu change and updating the key remapping system to work like any other game. As in you press the key you want to assign. The Pause Menu features a Load Checkpoint and Restart Level options.

Developer Notes:

This is a pre-alpha build of Wrapturous Adventure. All assets and other aspects of game design may be subject to change with or without warning as development continues. Thank you for understanding.

The full game plans to also include features such as:

  • Experience a story full of character, comedy, hidden lore, and hot sexy action with multiple endings.
  • Meet the immortal Pharaoh and her five loyal minions, each with their own lore, personalities, and creative ways to punish Yui.
  • Tons of capture/punishment artwork featuring Yui in different forms of bondage with different characters. Some punishments will even have interactivity.
  • From bondage to human-animal hybrids, humiliation to pet play, living slime, plant vines, sand traps, and spider webs – Any BDSM fetish you might have, you’re bound to find it in Wrapturous Adventure.
  • Collectibles and unlockable like alternate bondage themes that Yui can be bound in during her adventure through the tomb, so if mummification isn’t your thing you have alternatives.

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