You Throw Like a Girl [v1.1.2] By Vim

Vim Games released a new game called You Throw Like a Girl and the version is 1.1.2. The game’s story is about You being the star quarterback, the homecoming king, and you’re dating the hottest girl in school. Life is good…or it was until you got yourself cursed by a witch. She wanted you to lose your muscles and your spot as the starting quarterback, but to your horror, other changes seem to be taking place too.​

Developer: Vim
File Size: 73.2 MB
Version: 1.1.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Coach will now start whoever is the better QB between you and Griffin. So if you managed to keep your starting QB job in the early game but got surpassed by Griffin, then he’ll start. And if you lost your starting job, you can win it back
  • New scene where Raven will find you and encourage you to do the reality change spell or come out as trans if you haven’t done therapy
  • New lunch conversation if you decided not to try out for the football team after coming out as trans
  • The formula to calculate you and Griffin’s QB skill has been modified to place a greater weight on speed
  • You can no longer lick Jessica’s foot
  • Fixed bug where if you refused Jessica or Raven’s offer to make you over for your date, you’d get taken right back to the cafeteria where they’ll offer to help you again
  • After going to the beach with Jessica, you’ll change out of your bikini. And if you’re on the reality change or trans paths, you won’t change out of your makeup
  • Fixed typos and continuity errors

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