Zellas Life Story [v1] By Blue Dragon Dreaming

Blue Dragon Dreaming Games released a new game called Zellas Life Story and the version is 1. The game’s story is about On the continent of Gunnar, a doberman homunculus by the name of Zella will go to compete in a regional coliseum combat for the sake of different goals depending on which life route you choose to take him upon.​

Developer: Blue Dragon Dreaming
File Size: 333.9 MB
Version: 1
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

Game Includes:

  • A simple crafting system.
  • Coliseum Based Battles
  • Class choice at beginning.
  • Multiple Endings.

1. Warrior Zella –
In this life Zella was created to be a warrior hound for the sake of a kingdom, however, dissatisfaction with a certain mission led him to doing the unthinkable, and so he found himself protecting a young priest who is currently taking care of several orphan. Tragedy sadly strikes the two of them not long after, resulting in the orphanage burning down and the priest needing the money to rebuild for the sake of the children, as he lost the vineyard that provided the wealth was sustaining the children. Understanding that this loss was because of him, Zella will go to fight in a coliseum to earn the money needed to make right what has gone so terribly wrong, however, a sinister man is playing with forces beyond his understanding, thus leading Zella to confront the powers of Hell in order to save both his own life and the world at large…that is if he doesn’t succumb to dark temptations first.

2. Mage Zella –
Created for the benefit of a king’s pleasure, this Zella has been kept as the castle pet since before the birth of the monarch’s only heir, however, as the years rolled by Zella’s purpose became shifted from bed companion to the prince’s teacher…and evening amusement. Knowing better than to try and challenge his master, Zella does what he is told…with great reluctance until he finally grows irate enough to say the right wrong words. This results in a series of events which sees him put on trial and then executed for a crime he did not commit, and yet despite falling into the arms of the Lady of Death, the Goddess of the Sea has a plan for him, one in which will see him fight for the sake of the world against invaders from beyond the planet itself. Thankfully he will not be alone in this adventure, as another homunculi will stand with him against the oncoming aliens forces, all the while attempting to put Zella underneath him, both figuratively and literally.

3. Ranger Zella –
The future has become an unkind place for this version of Zella, as mankind is now in possession of great machines, the likes of which are tearing apart his home and way of life. Stubborn and unrelenting, Zella will fight to try and protect the forest in which he lives from the inevitability of mankind’s ruthless desire, however, a force beyond his understanding will come to take control over his life, thus forcing him to fight for said life in a coliseum under the cruel gaze of those who see him as nothing more than a relic of past that is quickly being forgotten, all the while an even greater force seeks to return an ancient dragon back to life.

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