Lord Of The Manor [v0.12] By Zaggy Norse

Lord Of The Manor [v0.12] By Zaggy Norse

Zaggy Norse Games released a new game called Lord Of The Manor and the version is 0.12. The game’s story is about “Flax…my obliviously-handsome, socially-not-quite-there-but-working-on-it equine friend: even you can’t fail to drown in a sea of dick at this place.” Step into the hooves of Flax, a semi-awkward stallion and recent university graduate. After four hard years of study, you are finally free and ready to start doing whatever you wish with your life—right after you take advantage of the surprise getaway gifted to you by a friend. Travel to the beautiful African-inspired holiday town of Paardenrust, rich in history, natural splendour, and gorgeous males. Meet the inhabitants, get to know them, and decide if there’s any you’d like to know even better.

Spend your leisure time exploring the ancient manor house, enjoying the many activities in the town and surrounds, or simply wooing one of the many handsome residents. What more could you want from a holiday? But, be aware: something mysterious is afoot in Paardenrust, and if you choose to get involved, you may find that you become intimately entwined in the next chapter of the town’s strange story…

Developer: Zaggy Norse
File Size: 80.1 MB
Version: 0.12
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details



  • Added rest of Painted Dog visit and relevant sex scenes.
  • Completed Boerewors option for Umzansi opening.
  • Fixed inavertent(sic) bug that was only letting you play 2 or 3 scenes before getting the To Be Continued screen.

Developer Notes:

I’m delighted to finally make the first build of “Lord of the Manor” available publicly!

This is an early build, currently lacking spritework and final backgrounds. I will be going ahead with all the game’s writing without waiting for the art to catch up, so it may be many months before the spritework begins appearing, but that will simply enhance later builds 🙂

The writing in this build should also not be considered final; I intend to do multiple passes over it all, and there’s definitely several spots I already know need some polish. But I shall proceed deeper into the plot before I come back for that.

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Lord Of The Manor [v0.12] By Zaggy Norse

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