Revamped Bloodline [v0.3.1 Public] Violet Kitten

Download the complete game file of Revamped Bloodline 100% free. Developer Team released a game called Revamped Bloodline on patreon platform. If you are searching for a working game file that’s available for multiple devices (Windows, Linux, Mac) then you’re in the right place.

Game Details

Developer: Violet Kitten
Censored: Yes/No
Language: English
Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android

Game Storyline

Revamped Bloodline is a tale about a kingdom under threat of a vampire menace that has claimed the lives of countless innocents. You play as a young woman who has suffered a heartbreaking loss of of someone/s in her family which has resulted in her feeling weak & powerless.

This feeling has pushed her to find a way to improve her strength so that she will never feel the same kind of powerlessness that she felt watching her loved one/s die in front of her. Her path for self improvement bring her to join the lightbringers, a group of vampire hunters who are made up of volunteers, guards, knights, paladins and templars.

Revamped Bloodline is a game, all about choice. All of your decisions change the path you will have, going forward. You can have a playthrough where you have a normal day training, maybe you antagonize someone who pushes you too far, leading to you fleeing your duties or you can end up bad mouthing the wrong person resulting with you locked in a cell. There are many different paths for you to choose including some romantic paths that can lead to short term or long lasting relationships.

The idea, is to have a game where the player can have a truly custom experience, shaped by their choices, making no two playthroughs the same. Npcs can live or die based on these choices. You can even fail your main goal and the game will still go on, meaning no game overs unless you die. Beside the RPG elements, I have placed a great deal of focus on making the game immersive and the npcs, lifelike and believable.

You can speak with them and learn their strengths and flaws then decide if you wish to befriend them or even fall in love. The path you choose is your own and this game will have major branching paths, changing the entire flow of gameplay and the people you will encounter so please, try out different options in separate playthroughs and you may find something very interesting that you missed in your last playthrough, like friends you could have made, events you could have witnessed, paths you could have taken and potential lovers, you could have met. So make your choices, choose your path and create a custom story that fits you.

Many of which, are not willing to accept a woman on the front lines so these people obstruct & ridicule her on a daily basic. You must either work your way through this oppression and find your place in this group or find a path for yourself elsewhere. You can make friends, allies, lovers or you can forsake all and create your own path to power. The choice is yours.

Version Changelog


  • Updated most of Elin, Juliet, and Marie’s content, adding more content, along with rewrites to their content.
  • New Elin content added to the first 2 days, along with the introduction to a new follower path to be added during my planned follower system rework.
  • Many new images added to Elin, Juliet, and Marie’s content, including new Hallie images for Marie’s prank event.
  • Huge rewrites for Marie’s Bluebell date, improving text, and setting up an alternate ending, for the future Dark Child Update.
  • Added new locational images for Elin, Maire, and the player, to help increase immersion.
  • New Outfit System added for Elin, Juliet, and Marie which should make it easier to alter their outfits. This addition should make it easier to control their outfits, and make it possible to add alternate outfits for them in the future.
  • Implemented new vampire, and slut fame systems, monitoring the player’s public activities. Now whenever you get caught using your vampiric/dark powers, or sexual activities in public, others may spread rumors, which may come back to haunt you later.
  • Fixed a bug for the Dark Child path, ignoring your choice to sleep with the Joker recruits, blocking the entire Dark Child Joker outcome.
  • Fixed Lucien’s Black Lily outfit throwing up an error when chosen from his wardrobe.
  • Fixed Chloe’s dialogue being completely broken during day 3.
  • The Cherlese Blacksmith’s chat will now only display the option you chose, instead of both outcomes, when asked if you would like to date his son.
  • Choosing Vampiric Strength on Gil while working as a waitress, will no longer bring you to the submissive scene instead.
  • Hopefully fixed the broken images in the Developer Bio section, and for the Latex Dress. (Works for me, but another player has reported a different result)
  • Fixed a bunch of other bugs, along with many spell corrections.

Game Images

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